Welcome to my research study:
Stay Forever in Love


After 45 years as a couples therapist I discovered:
All you need to Stay in Love is a short search daily for a LoveMoment.

Dr. David Wilchfort

Commit 1 minute a day for 28 days and I will tell you how it’s done.

Sign up Info

  • When you sign up, I will ask you to fill out a short survey so that we establish what your relationship looks like right now.

  • Once you have signed up and filled out the starting survey, I will let you know in more detail how to find a daily LoveMoment.

  • After we have established your starting point, I will support your daily commitment with an email that will lead you to the form where you can enter the nice moment you discovered that day.

  • There will be other supportive resources that you will find as you progress towards fulfilling your commitment to improve your view of your relationship.

  • After 4 weeks, I will ask you again about how your relationship looks then.

So the goal at the end of the 4 weeks will be:

For you to further your relationship


for me to support my theory through statistics.


By giving your e-mail address, you agree that I may contact you within the parameters of this research. All data and information I receive from you are subject to my duty of confidentiality. They are used exclusively for research purposes and are not used commercially.


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