Stay Forever in Love

We have an exciting opportunity for you and your partner!

Until December 31st, every LoveMoment you enter or have entered for up to 28 entries puts you into a raffle for a 350€ Amazon gift card.

How can you earn raffle tickets?

  • Earn one raffle ticket a day when you submit a LoveMoment

  • Earn three raffle tickets by helping us get more people signed up for our free research study-make sure they write your name in the referral box

You must complete the final survey in order to have your raffle tickets count.

If you have already completed the final survey, you can still be a part of the raffle!

Just enter at least one and up to 28 LoveMoments, and you will be submitted into the drawing.

So why not take the chance to win a great prize for the New Year and improve your relationship while you’re at it?

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I wish you the best in finding your LoveMoment and earning money for a fun gift for you and your partner!

Dr. David Wilchfort